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Snail Slime Skincare: How the healing secretion became a natural beauty must-have

To lovers of wellness and natural beauty, the benefits of snail slime are well-known, but this soothing skincare ingredient is far from a modern trend. While thanks to the innovation of the Korean skincare industry, more people than ever know about snail mucin’s uses for skin,  the natural ingredient is nothing new. In fact, snail mucus has a long history as a healer and protector of the skin.


Snail slime helps snails respond to stress and has healing benefits in snail mucin skincare products


Ancient Skin-Healing Medicine

Well before it became a beloved ingredient in Korean and western skincare, snail slime was valued for its medicinal and healing properties. This special kind of slime helps snails respond to stress in a healthy way, with smoothing, hydrating and health-promoting benefits that can be enjoyed by humans as well. The benefits of snail mucin were recognized as far back as Ancient Greece, where the secretion was used to calm inflamed skin and treat conditions caused by internal inflammation, like coughs and gastrointestinal ulcers. Centuries later in Southern Italy, snail slime was prized for alleviating skin conditions including calluses, lesions, and acne. 


Snail mucus’s benefits for skin and face were discovered by accident


A Modern Accidental Discovery 

The common thread through snail mucin’s many uses are its soothing, healing and regenerating properties. Within the science of contemporary skincare, the benefits of snail mucus were uncovered in the 1960s by Dr. Rafael Abad Iglesias, a Spanish oncologist using snails to study cancer. He noticed how quickly his test snails’ skin would heal after secreting mucus, and was intrigued enough to conduct experiments with the snail secretion on humans. His findings were reconfirmed twenty years later in Chile, when workers at a small escargot business realized that over months and years of handling their snails, their skin had become softer, healthier, and healed more quickly from scars and cuts.


Snail juice benefits in Korean skincare are hydration, smoothing, and healing of acne, scars and wrinkles


From Korean Skincare to the West 

The Korean skincare industry, known for constant innovation and early adoption of promising ingredients, is responsible for introducing snail slime skincare into the wider cultural consciousness. Self-care may be a millennial buzzword in North America, and sheet masks and essences a relatively new phenomenon; but in South Korean culture, prioritizing the care of one’s skin is a basic routine encouraged from childhood, like showering or brushing your teeth.

Snail slime-based creams, essences and masks have been popular in North America since the early 2010s, along with the rising popularity of Korean products and a preventative, natural, and intentional approach to self-care. Snail mucus is a natural ingredient that supports the health of the skin, rather than attempting to drastically change it with harsh chemicals like many of the cleansers and acne fighters we grew up with. 


The benefits of snail mucus filtrate in skincare, moisturizers and snail gel are all natural anti aging acne healing and hydration


A Natural Wellness Must-Have

And so, snail mucin has emerged as a gentle yet powerful ingredient for a wellness-centric skincare routine, making it the natural choice as the hero ingredient in Eskafil’s serum, eye cream and moisturizer. Rich with naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, allantoin, glycolic acid, collagen and elastin, snail mucus nourishes the skin in a holistic way. Beyond promoting the ever-desired smooth and soft complexion, skin is healthier and more resilient, healing quickly on its own from acne and any resulting scars, as well as remaining hydrated and plumped enough to prevent and reduce the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Like many naturally-occurring health ingredients, science may just recently be validating the skincare benefits of snail slime, but its value has already been proven empirically over decades and centuries of practical use. From ancient times, to being embraced by Korean beauty products and sought after by Western wellness and skincare lovers, snail slime’s love for skin has truly stood the test of time.