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Eskafil’s Snail Slime Extraction: An All-Natural, Cruelty-Free Process

Snail slime is a natural skincare ingredient, and that means it comes from a natural place - snails! At Eskafil, we believe in ethical cruelty-free manufacturing. It’s not just about animal rights - secretions from healthy, well-cared-for snails have even more of the beneficial ingredients that make snail mucin products so powerful! Keep reading to learn how we source our skin-loving snail secretion while keeping these little creatures healthy and happy. 

Our snail mucus is extracted from snails in a healthy natural environment


Close to Nature

Eskafil snails are raised in an environment that mimics their natural environment, with plants and microorganisms they would exist with naturally. We believe that honouring the natural state of things leads to healthier snails and better quality products, and that’s why our snails live in conditions so similar to what they’d find outside. Minus the predators and veggie gardens to trail through, Eskafil snails are pretty much living in the wild. 

From all the snails living in Eskafil’s greenhouses, only the healthiest are chosen to produce the secretion that goes into our products. After being evaluated based on their size, colour and amount of mucin, the snails go through a variety of harmless conditions, almost like an obstacle course, that stimulate their natural stress response. The mucus secreted evolved to calm the snails and protect them from stress, which is exactly why it’s so good for human skin.


The snail secretion filtrate is treated and processed naturally


The mucin from this process is then collected, and the snails are cleaned with distilled water before being returned healthy and unharmed to their living space. Now, their secretion is filtered and treated so it’s fresh, clean, and ready to be used in our skincare products.


All our snail slime beauty products are cruelty-free and all natural.

Self-Care Products That Care

All natural ingredients come from plants and animals. Since snail mucin is an animal-derived ingredient, it isn’t suitable for vegans, but it is clean, cruelty-free, and not tested on animals. Respecting the plants and animals we share the earth with, and valuing the powerful natural medicines they produce, is part of Eskafil’s philosophy. 

Every step of our manufacturing process was designed with care and respect, and that means you can trust the final product you put on your skin is of the highest possible quality. When the whole point of natural wellness is to care for yourself holistically, what could be more important than beauty that protects our world?