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7 K-Beauty Trends: All-Natural Korean Skincare Ingredients Explained

Korean skincare focuses on clean ingredients, constant innovation, and effective results, and “K-beauty” products have drawn the praise of beauty experts everywhere. Eskafil’s skincare line focuses on uniquely effective ingredients found in nature, including snail mucin, squalane, and more. 

With many exciting Asian beauty trends and ingredients out there, here are a few of the hottest on the market right now:


Cica in korean skincare calms redness and evens skin tone


Centella Asiatica or Cica: to calm redness and even skin tone

Centella Asiatica, or Cica, is prized in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal medicine. It’s also called pennywort or gotu kola, and is used for brain, liver and kidney health as well as to heal the skin.

Cica is rich in amino acids, beta-carotene, niacin and antioxidants that work together to nourish the skin. K-beauty products use an extract of the herb, and are often a green or yellow hue.  This concentrated elixir offers a powerful combination of benefits. Here are a few: 

  • Calming inflammation and redness 
  • Evening skin tone 
  • Fighting sun damage 
  • Preventing premature aging and fighting free radicals

Jellyfish collagen in k-beauty products has hydrating skincare benefits 


Jellyfish Collagen: for hydrating skin 

Much like the skin-healing powers of snail slime, the mucin from Rhopilema esculentum, an edible jellyfish native to the Pacific ocean, is packed with collagen and glycoproteins.The mucin from these watery creatures is different from snail slime, but also a valuable addition to your routine. Jellyfish collagen benefits include:

  • Wound healing (including micro-wounds like acne)
  • Intense hydration 
  • Strengthening of skin’s moisture barrier 
  • Repair of skin protein cells  


Snail mucin in skin cream and gel is smoothing and moisturizing


Snail Mucin: to smooth and moisturize

Snail slime is one of K-beauty’s most powerful ingredients -- that’s why it stars in Eskafil eye cream, serum, and skin moisturizer. We love the natural, all-in-one benefits that snail mucus brings to skin. Full of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and vitamins A, C and E, snail mucin nourishes and renews the skin naturally, without the chemical additives and irritants found in many skincare products. Snail slime has many natural skincare benefits: 

  • Intense, long-lasting hydration 
  • Smoothing skin texture 
  • Quick healing of acne and irritation
  • Fading of scars and pigmentation 


Mugwort skincare has anti-acne and anti-inflammation benefits


Mugwort: to treat acne and inflammation 

Mugwort is one of Korean medicine’s most-loved ingredients. It’s often used in herbal soak treatments at traditional Korean bathhouses, or jjimjilbangs, to relax muscles and calm menstrual pain. However, mugwort’s detoxifying, antibacterial and antifungal benefits mean it’s also perfect for skin issues. Here are a few benefits of mugwort:

  • Fights the bacteria that causes acne 
  • Anti-inflammatory that calms dry and itchy skin 
  • Boosts circulation 
  • Anti-fungal properties keep skin balanced

Sea buckthorn or seaberry oil fades scars, hydrates and has anti-aging benefits in skincare


Sea Buckthorn Oil: to fade scars, treat wrinkles, and more

This golden oil comes from the berries of the hardy Sea Buckthorn shrub, which grows in the coastal mountains of northern Europe and Asia. Full of vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids and minerals, sea buckthorn oil won’t clog your pores. In fact, it’s one of the most nourishing oils out there, with a uniquely high concentration of skin-loving properties. That’s why you’ll find it in so many Korean beauty and skincare products. Benefits of Sea Buckthorn include: 

  • Delay cell aging 
  • Fade scars and even skin tone 
  • Hydration and oil balancing 
  • Calming of inflammation and allergies

Tropical noni fruit has antioxidant, anti acne and anti aging benefits in skincare


Noni Fruit: for anti-aging 

This tropical fruit is an antioxidant powerhouse. It’s native to Polynesia, where it’s been used as a natural medicine for hundreds of years, both applied to the skin and consumed as a powerfully healing - but super bitter - juice. Noni is loaded with vitamins A and C, which promote cell turnover and make your skin glow! Noni fruit’s benefits to skin include:

  • Prevents environmental free radical damage
  • Antibacterial to fight acne 
  • Anti-inflammatory to treat dry skin and eczema 
  • Contains vitamin A - a natural form of Retinol!

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Squalane </span><span style="font-weight: 400;">in korean skincare has deep hydrating benefits </span>


Squalane: for an extra layer of moisture

Squalane is a nourishing oil that occurs in human skin as part of sebum, keeping skin supple and balanced. While we’re born with our own stores of squalane, they tend to deplete as we get older, making this natural ingredient the perfect thing to add to your nightly skincare routine. Squalane is found in Eskafil’s Youth Activating Serum, working in tandem with hydrating snail mucin to provide an extra layer of deep, nourishing moisture. Here are a few benefits of squalane:

  • Improve elasticity
  • Reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Prevent loss of skin moisture

Will you be adding any of these K-beauty components to your lineup? In the world of clean skincare and wellness, there’s always something new to try. Shop Eskafil’s line of premium skincare products to explore the benefits of snail slime, squalane, and many other all-natural ingredients.